About Us 

At Iron & Plank  we blend pipe fitting, welding and repurposing to create heirloom furniture. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted to make it truly one-of-a-kind. Sourcing only old-growth and reclaimed wood keeps our carbon footprint light. Repurposing enumerates a timeless beauty into each piece we create.  When using old growth reclaimed wood  the rings of the tree are closer together, allowing for a higher density, harder and stronger piece of wood. We use a highly desirable and very rare wood,  that comes from 90+ Year old wooden water storage tanks. All of the wood stock we use for our tables and benches is vertical or flat grain, free of knots and blemishes.

All of our furniture is made to order. This gives you the ability to create and design the perfect piece for your home or business

This style of tiered shelving is suited well for kitchens or any place a heavy duty style is wanted. It can be configured in any size needed. We are working on one for a client that will be 120 inches wide and 96 inches tall with six rows of shelving. 

Our floating style shelves feature one inch piping with floor flanges that attach to your wall. We weld tabs to the piping so the wood is secured to the pipe. This style is made from the same reclaimed wood used in our table builds, and is a fantastic way to tie together your space.  

Dining Tables and  Conference Tables

Our tables can be made in sizes ranging from 5' to up to 18' in length.                        


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Our Desks are made to fit your needs. All Desks can be made adjustable height.  We can add drawers, shelves or even doors if needed      


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Shelving and Small Tables

Shelving, smaller tables, entry tables completely customized to your specifications. 

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We have made every thing from headboards to upper cabinets with sliding doors. Please feel free to challenge us with you designs and ideas!  

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